GDPA fastener’s brings out a complete range of Fasteners for Mining & Tunnelling, PEB & Construction & Transmission Sectors

GDPA Fasteners diverse manufacturing capability allows us to cater to a wide customer base in the infrastructure domain.

GDPA Fasteners produces a full range of Fasteners catering to Mining and Tunnelling applications from structural support fasteners – studs, nylon insert nuts, anchor bolts etc.

Conveyor Fasteners – mill liner bolts etc. The components used in mining are subject to stringent requirements due to the nature of application the fasteners need to have high stability, load bearing capacity with sufficient flexibility. Fasteners used for quarrying and conveyor application need to have high resistance to wear.

Pre Engineered Buildings / Steel Construction / Bridges
From steel frames of a tower to the structure of an industrial building or load bearing foundation of bridges: our products provide load-bearing connections that meet the highest standards and demands. GDPA Fasteners plant production protocols are certified to CE standards.

(CE certified to EN 14399)
High Strength Friction Grip 8.8 & 10.9 - Standard production from M12 to M36 in diameter and up to 300 mm in length, however, larger sizes can be manufactured to order. Available in Plain, Electro-Zinc and Galvanized finishes from stock.

Offered in Plain, Electro-zinc and Galvanized finishes, Diameters M12 to M 36 for use with HR & HV HSFG bolting.

EN 14399-9 DTI WASHERS 8.8 & 10.9
Direct Tension Indicating washers – these washers ensure that the correct tension has been applied in the joint. A quick and easy way of Inspection that reduces time and labour costs by means of a simple visual check. Our fully certified DTI washers are offered in Plain and Mechanically Galvanized finishes.

NON PRE-LOAD FASTENERS SB 8.8, 10.9 – (CE certified to EN 15048) ISO 4014 / 4017, ISO 7091, ISO 4032
Standard Non –Preloaded and Special hexagon bolting from M6 to M36 diameters. We stock large range of assembled bolts nuts & washers for immediate project supplies.

Weld studs
Locator pins
Through hardened plates / washers
Anchor Bolts

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