Four Generations in Manufacturing

The GDPA Group is a privately owned enterprise involved in manufacturing and distribution of Fasteners, Forgings Precision Components, Sheet Metal Fabrications, Castings and Servicing various Industrial and OEM Segments.

Established in 1908, the Group has a diverse history – from carpentry to castings, from fastenings to complete supply chain management. GDPA’s core philosophy is centred around customer fulfilment through quality product delivered on time and a service oriented approach.

We forge relationships ... and also make Fasteners


GDPA Group was born and started it’s manufacturing activities under the name of Govardhan Dass PA in areas of carpentry & castings


GDPA Industries then steped into manufacturing of fasteners and became a niche supplier for critical applications to end users like Indian Railways, Nuclear / Thermal Power Corporation etc.


GDPA Fasteners was formed as a separate group entity. GDPA entered the export market and increased it’s fastener footprint to a global level.


GDPA Fasteners – sets up it’s second manufacturing facility (Unit 2) in 7 Acres of land to cater to increased demands of it’s worldwide customers.

The second plant was setup with a vision of manufacturing the complete range of Fasteners - Bolts from M8 to M80, Nuts from M12 upto M120, Washers and Sheet Metal Fabrication, Forgings, CNC / Turned Components, complete Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment lines and a certified Quality Control Laboratory. GDPA’s focus was to venture into fasteners for critical application.


GDPA Fasteners sets up it’s third manufacturing facility (Unit 3) : catering to increased demand in Cold Forged Fasteners.
GDPA enters Mining and Tunnelling Sector.


GDPA enters Renewable Energy Sector – Solar / Wind energy and Hydro Turbine Fasteners.


GDPA enters Heavy Construction Fasteners for Bridges, PEB, High Rise Buildings.


GDPA enters the Agricultural and Automotive Fasteners Sector.

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