GDPA Fasteners has a complete setup for doing Surface Treatments in-house

Plain Natural Finish

In this products are supplied in Natural condition with a rust preventive oil dip.

Electro Zinc Plating (W)

Both Hexavalent and Trivalent Also available in Black, Green Zinc

Hot Dip Galvanising

We have 3 lines of hot dip galvanising baths. Capable of handling diameter 8mm upto 80mm and lengths upto 3000mm. We offer both ISO fitting and Oversized on our fasteners.

Powder Coating

GDPA Fasteners is a WRAS approved supplier for all fasteners used in potable water applications. We have 3 lines doing Rilson powder coating with electrostatic deposition and then baking it till its uniformly coated.

This coating is used for protection against – Alkaline, acidic, abrasive, saline environments, The thickness of coating is 75 – 100 microns with salt spray life exceeding 1000 hours.

Black Phosphate Coating

Electro Zinc Plating (Y)

Both Hexavalent and Trivalent

Mechanical Galvanising

This is a room temperature process in which zinc coating is applied to fasteners without electrolysis (which is used for electroplating) and without hot molten zinc bath (which is used for Hot-Dip Galvanizing). Fasteners are placed in a large rotary barrel along with zinc powder, special promoters, and glass impact media. The mechanical energy generated from the barrel’s rotation is transmitted through the glass impact media and causes the zinc powder to be mechanically welded to the surface of the fastener

Mechanical Galvanizing results in a very uniform coating thickness reducing thread fit issues at assembly, making it a preferable coating for small diameter fasteners. Mechanical Galvanizing provide excellent coating uniformity and the process is consistent from batch to batch and within each batch

Zinc Flake Coating

- Dacromet
- Geomet
- Delta
with Topcoat

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