U / L / Eye Bolts

Brand `U' Bolts are available in Full Round, Half Round and Square profiles.
They are used in various applications like pipe clamping,foundation support, installations and automotive support systems.
`L'-Bolts :
Brand `L' Bolts are available in various diameters,
lengths and bends used mostly for foundation purposes.

Eye-Bolts & Hooks :

Brand `Eye' Bolts and Hooks have a generalized
hardware application.
We offer:
Forged Eye Bolts-for load bearing applications
Bent Eye Bolts (Open/Closed Welded)- for hardware applications.
The Process :
The above mentioned products are made by both Cold and Hot Bending / Forging processes. Special care is taken to reduce/eliminate stress pockets created during the bending procedure.

The Dimensions :

`L' and `U' Bolts are available in diameters M6 to M48(and corresponding inch sizes upto 2")

'Eye' Bolts and hooks are available in diameters M6 to M36 (and corresponding inch sizes upto 1.1/2").