The History:
Brand Castings are an offshoot of our parent business of Valves run under the name of Goverdhan Das PA since 1908. This Company was a pioneer manufacturer of Valves and fluid control mechanisms for the Indian Railways and Thermal power projects.

Brand castings have now re-framed themselves to European & American requirements.

The Product :

Scaffolding parts
Automotive spacers
Compressor bodies
Electrical fittings
Fence fittings
Decorative Castings etc

We offer our castings as cast and in partially / fully machined condition also.

The Facility :

Melting - twin induction furnaces 1 ton/3 tons
Moulding - machine moulding, green sand - handmoulding, CO sand system / no bake
Cleaning - shot blasting and sand blasting
Testing - spectrography, tensile testing, hardness testing

The Quality :

Brand castings are produced as per the general tolerances of ISO 8062.